It’s 2020 and I’m Starting a WordPress Blog

Art by Bauhinia on deviantArt

“I never thought I’d hear the words ‘I made a WordPress blog’ in any year beyond 2008,” was the response of my friend after I had proudly announced that I have created a WordPress blog. I guess most people don’t bother with blogs anymore, not that I was ever aware of popular blogs on WordPress or anywhere else. My online activities consist mostly of watching videos and reading articles (unless you count gaming) and while I have no shortage of opinions, I rarely express them online.

So why do it now? Why on WordPress, in 2020 no less? Wouldn’t Youtube be a much better platform for voicing my opinions? Well, I’ve never edited a video before and I doubt mine would stand out enough to get any views, but I do love to write. Granted, I might not be great at it but, hey, as long as I’m having fun, right?

A good idea when starting a blog is to have a general topic or area of interest you will focus on, but that’s not me. I’m an eclectic person in all aspects of my life; I love to dress as either a sugary fairy princess or a goth kid that just attended a funeral. I love makeup but rarely wear it and mostly focus on skincare. My music playlist consists of heavily manufactured kpop, rock, metal, oldies, classical and world music. I love and study languages and literature, but I’m also very interested in psychology, sociology and history. I enjoy documentaries, but also crappy reality TV (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, anyone?) and shows that sometimes have a strong start and weak finish (Game of Thrones and Timeless). I used to spend most of my free time drawing, singing and playing guitar (with a bit of anime on the side… okay, a lot of anime), now my main hobby is playing games. I love all types – casual, mmorpgs, arcade, puzzle, horror, sandbox, you name it. So how can I possibly pick just one thing to talk about when I am interested in so much more?

I realized that, while my blog might not have many readers (or any at all) due to my lack of focus on only one topic, it will still be mine, about me and my interests. So why not write about them all?

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